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Wing Departments

Wing Staff


Department Title Office Symbol Member
  Wing Commander ARWG/CC Col A. Formanek
  Vice Commander ARWG/CV Maj D. Walker
  Government Relations Advisor ARWG/GR Capt A. Formanek
  Chief of Staff ARWG/CS Lt Col R. Jeffries
  Health Services Officer ARWG/HS Maj J. Bryan
  Historian ARWG/HO Maj B. Sasse
  Command NCO   MSgt T. Riggs
  NCO Advisor   TSgt G. Podgurski
Aerospace Education      
  Director of Aerospace Education ARWG/AE Maj G. St. Pierre
  Aerospace Education (external)   Maj K. Hudson
  Aerospace Education (internal)   Capt J. Rodgurski
Cadet Programs      
  Director of Cadet Programs ARWG/CP Lt Col L. Webster
  Cadet Programs Development Officer   Vacant
  Cadet Activities Officer   TSgt G. Podgurski
  Drug Demand Reduction   Lt Col L. Webster
  Wing Chaplain ARWG/HC Lt Col L. Killian
  Director of Communications ARWG/DC Maj W. Leeper
  Communications Training Officer   Capt P. Dore
Counter Drug      
  Counter Drug Officer ARWG/DOC Lt Col R. Smith
Emergency Services      
  Director of Emergency Services ARWG/DOS Lt Col M. Jones
  Emergency Services Officer   Lt Col B. Allison
  Emergency Services Training Officer   Maj T. Rae
  Disaster Relief Officer   Maj J. VerHoeven
  Search and Rescue Officer   Maj D. Walker
Financial Management      
  Director of Finance ARWG/FM Lt Col R. Wingfield
General Counsel      
  Legal Officer ARWG/JA Capt A. Formanek
Information Technology      
  Information Technology Officer ARWG/IT Maj C. Rine
  Web Security Officer   Maj C. Rine
Inspector General      
  Inspector General ARWG/IG Lt Col J. Brandon
  Director of Logistics ARWG/LG Vacant
  Transportation Officer ARWG/LGT Vacant
  Maintenance Officer ARWG/LGM Col D. Alexander
  Supply Officer ARWG/LGS Vacant
Marketing and Public Affairs      
  Public Affairs Officer ARWG/PA Lt Col R. Jeffries
  Recruiting & Retention Officer   Capt A. Formanek
  Director of Operations ARWG/DO Col D. Alexander
  Stan / Eval Officer ARWG/DOV Lt Col A. Boyd
  Director of Administration ARWG/DA Vacant
  Wing Administrator ARWG/WA 1 Lt N. Carver
  Personnel Officer ARWG/DP Vacant
Professional Development      
  Director of Professional Development ARWG/PD Capt. J. Durham
  Testing Officer   Lt Col L. Webster
  Director of Safety ARWG/SE Maj D. Marsh

Note: Only primary staff positions have been listed.
Data Collection Date: 20 AUG 2019
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