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Wing Departments

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Department Title Office Symbol Member
  Wing Commander ARWG/CC Col R. Allison
  Vice Commander ARWG/CV Lt Col R. Smith
  Chief of Staff ARWG/CS Capt J. Brand
  Government Relations Adviser ARWG/GR Capt C. McKinney
  Health Services Officer ARWG/HS Maj J. Bryan
  Historian ARWG/HO 2nd Lt K. McKinney
  Diversity Officer   Capt J. Podgurski
  Command NCO   SMSgt G. Podgurski
  NCO Advisor   MSgt T. Riggs
Aerospace Education      
  Director of Aerospace Education ARWG/AE Maj G. St. Pierre
  Internal Aerospace Education Officer   Capt J. Podgurski
  External Aerospace Education Officer   Maj K. Hudson
Cadet Programs      
  Director of Cadet Programs ARWG/CP Capt M. Probus
  Cadet Programs Development Officer   Lt Col J. Gender
  Cadet Activities Officer   Capt K. Lutgen
  Drug Demand Reduction   Lt Col L. Webster
  Wing Chaplain ARWG/HC Lt Col L. Killian
  Director of Communications ARWG/DC Maj W. Leeper
  Communications Training Officer   Capt R. Vest
Counter Drug      
  Counter Drug Officer ARWG/DOC Lt Col R. Smith
Education and Training      
  Director of Education and Training ARWG/PD Capt J. Podgurski
  Testing Officer   Lt Col L. Webster
Emergency Services      
  Director of Emergency Services ARWG/DOS Lt Col M. Jones
  Deputy Director of Emergency Services   <Vacant - Apply Here>
  Emergency Services Training Officer   Lt J. Howard
  Emergency Services Officer   <Vacant - Apply Here>
  Disaster Relief Officer   Maj J. VerHoeven
  Homeland Security Officer   Lt Col R. Smith
Financial Management      
  Director of Finance ARWG/FM Lt Col R. Wingfield
General Counsel      
  Legal Officer ARWG/JA Capt C. McKinney
Information Technology      
  Information Technology Officer ARWG/IT Lt Col C. Rine
  Web Security Officer   Lt Col C. Rine
Inspector General      
  Inspector General ARWG/IG Lt Col A. Boyd
  Director of Logistics ARWG/LG Lt Col M. Jones
  Transportation Officer ARWG/LGT Capt R. Vest
  Maintenance Officer ARWG/LGM Col D. Alexander
  Supply Officer ARWG/LGS <Vacant - Apply Here>
Marketing and Public Affairs      
  Public Affairs Officer ARWG/PA <Vacant - Apply Here>
  Recruiting & Retention Officer   SMSgt P. Coon
  Director of Operations ARWG/DO Lt Col C. Rine
  Stan / Eval Officer ARWG/DOV Capt L. Oakley
  Director of Operations sUAS ARWG/DOU Lt. J. McIntyre
  Director of Administration ARWG/DA Maj J. Siegfried
  Wing Administrator ARWG/WA Stephanie Harpole
  Personnel Officer ARWG/DP <Vacant - Apply Here>
  Director of Safety ARWG/SE Maj D. Marsh
Note: Only primary staff positions have been listed.
Data Collection Date: 22 October 2022
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