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Cadet Programs

ARWG/CP - Maj Michael Probus

Director of Cadet Programs: Maj Michael Probus

Assistant Director of Cadet Programs: Capt Kyle Lutgen

Cadet Development Officer: Lt Col John Gender

Cadet Activities Officer: VACANT

Drug Demand Reduction Administrator: Lt Col Larry Webster


Arkansas Wing Cadet Programs Quarterly Report - Click here to submit your report


Cadets, there is all kinds of information and resources available for you on the National Website under Cadet Programs:

New Cadets make sure to review the Help For New Cadets page:

Stripes to Diamonds is a great resource for information on your promotions:

Visit the Cadet Library for Key resources available to you: 

Make sure you register and sign-up for Summer Encampment or the Noncommissioned Officers Academy (NCOA) this summer July 20th - 27th at Camp Robinson.  See the AR Wing Encampment Page for more details.

If you have already attended an Encampment, keep your eye on the National Cadet Special Activities:


CADETINVEST Financial Assistance

CadetInvest connects cadets, their aspirations and funding partners.

We empower cadets -- extraordinary young leader -- to pursue aspirations along three paths:

✈Flight Training, in response to the worldwide pilot shortage

✈Career Exploration in STEM and service-oriented fields at CAP activities like our NCSAs

✈Undergraduate Education

For more information on the CadetInvest Financial Assistance programs and how to apply visit:

Cadets interested in enlisting in military service perhaps should consider Mometrix preparation.

Mometrix Test Preparation for the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery).

Quality Cadet Unit Award

Any cadet unit that displays strong program fundamentals can earn the Quality Cadet Unit Award. This award motivates squadrons to pursue goals that will inevitably lead to their having a vibrant Cadet Program. I would suggest that each unit display each of these goals on a wall in the Cadet Area and keep track of your progress throughout the year so everyone can see where your unit stands and will help keep these goals on everyone's mind allowing you to be able to see what areas you need to work on. 

For more information on the Quality Cadet Unit Award visit:

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