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Education and Training

Education and Training


ARWG/PD Maj J. Podgurski


Director of Professional Development: Maj Janice Podgurski

Assistant Director for Professional Development: Lt Col Larry Webster

Testing Officer: Lt Col Larry Webster

E&T Modules by Level - Revised 9-22-2021


January 2023 - Mentoring Newsletter 

March 2023 - Arkansas Wing Education and Training Newsletter

July 2023 - Arkansas Wing Education and Training Newsletter - National Commander's Reading List

Man’s flight through life
is sustained by the power of his knowledge.

USAF Academy Eagle and Fledgling Statue

The Arkansas Wing takes pride in the steps we take to provide a well rounded program for our Officer's Professional Development. Progression through the Professional Development Program builds knowledge and skills needed for Officer's to manage operations and resources within the individual squadrons and the Wing.

The program also provides the avenue that Civil Air Patrol Officer’s will need to progress in rank and position. Your journey through the Civil Air Patrol and Arkansas Wing begins here.


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