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Inspector General

Inspector General

ARWG/IG Lt Col J. Brandon

Inspector General: Lt Col J. Brandon
Assistant Inspector General: Maj P. Robertson

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Arkansas Wing SUI Calendar

Unit Date
2023-24 Dates:  
AR-102 (Russellville) 23 OCT 2023
AR-040 (Hot Springs) 30 JAN 2024
AR-115 (Rogers) 30 APR 2024
AR-099 (West Memphis) 20 May 2024
AR-094 (Conway) 24 JUL 2024
AR-042 (Little Rock) TBD AUG 2024
AR-095 (Texarkana) 17 SEP 2024
2024-25 Dates:  
AR-107 (Mt. Home) 1 OCT 2024
AR-067 (Monticello) TBD MAR 2025


SWR-AR-001 - 2021 IG Program Summary



SUBJECT: 2021 IG Program Summary

1. OVERVIEW: The Inspector General program reviews subordinate units for compliance and reports the findings to the commander, receives and investigates complaints, and ensures that CAP personnel are using reasonable means to work within the system. The IG also oversees the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse prevention program. The IG Reports directly to the Wing CC and regularly communicates with the Region IG on issues that affect the Arkansas Wing.

2. MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the Civil Air Patrol Inspector General System is, in part, to create an independent and objective system that: 

a. Resolves problems affecting the Civil Air Patrol mission promptly and objectively.
b. Creates an atmosphere of trust in which issues can be objectively and fully resolved without retaliation or the fear of reprisal.
c. Ensures the existence of responsive complaint and inspection programs characterized by objectivity, integrity, and impartiality.
d. Ensures the concerns of Civil Air Patrol members and the best interests of the Civil Air Patrol are addressed through objective fact-finding.
e. Educates Civil Air Patrol members and commanders regarding the privileges of and protection for those contacting an inspector general.
f. Ensures inspectors general, inspector general staff members, and investigating officers are trained to conduct thorough, unbiased investigations and inspections based on fair and objective fact-finding.
g. Specific, detailed guidance on the CAP IG program may be found in CAPR 20-1.

3. Selection of the IG, Assistant IGs, and Inspection Augmentees:

a. The Wing IG (ARWG/IG) is selected and appointed by the Wing CC and will report directly to the Wing CC. The Wing IG may be removed only with the concurrence of the Region CC. Wing IGs will not be
encumbered with additional duties or double billeting. This does not preclude the IG from performing in mission or ICS positions during exercises or events, nor special activities to include cadet encampments.
b. Wing Assistant Inspector General(s) (ARWG/IGA) will be appointed in concurrence with the Wing CC. IGAs will assist the IG in oversight and execution of Inspector General Programs within the Arkansas Wing.
c. Inspection Augmentees (IA) will be solicited from the membership of Arkansas Wing. Interested individuals will reference CAPR 20-3 for criteria and request training and appointment from the ARWG/IG.
d. Training for the ARWG/IG and ARWG/IGAs will include applicable LMS courseware as well as the Senior IG Course. The next Senior IG Course is yet to be determined as CAP/IG has not announced a date as
of yet. Completed training can be reviewed in eServices.
e. Quarterly Training for the ARWG/IG, ARWG/IGA, and all IAs will be accomplished using the IG Refresher publication and the applicable quiz in LMS.

4. INSPECTIONS: The Arkansas Wing conducts Subordinate Unit Inspections (SUI) on a 24-month cycle by the direction of the Wing Commander. Compliance Inspections at the Wing level occur every four years.

a. Upcoming SUI dates in CY 2021 are listed below.

AR-120 May 2021
AR-040 July 2021
AR-083 September 2021
AR-102 October 2021

b. The next CI for Arkansas Wing is scheduled for July 2021.
c. The requested budget to execute these inspections was $500. To reduce the cost burden of inspections,
many aspects of a unit’s SUI are completed in a remote fashion. This funding represents an estimate of the
costs required for on-site inspections around the state.

5. COMPLAINTS: Once you have decided to contact the IG, you should refer to CAPR 20-2 to determine if your concern or grievance meets the definition of a complaint (see below). If it does, you should follow the steps for “Complaints Submission” outlined in CAPR 20-2.

a. Complaint means a written document (not e-mail), signed by a complainant, listing facts and circumstances specifically alleging a violation of a CAP directive, a violation of law, or misconduct.
b. Frivolous Complaint is the filing of trivial, superficial, and senseless complaints that may tend to subvert, obscure, or impede leadership authority or a complaint intended for retaliation against the corporation,
general membership, or a specific member for the purpose of harassment, abuse, or adversely impacting morale.
c. Complaints are now handled by a team of inspectors appointed at NHQ/IG. Therefore, the ARWG/IG will only coordinate the report of a complaint to the National Complaints Cell. Action from there will be handled
by an appointed inspector from outside of Arkansas Wing. 

6. FRAUD, WASTE, AND ABUSE: Members should report activity that falls into the following categories.

a. Fraud is any intentional deception (including attempts and conspiracies to effect such deception) for the purpose of: inducing CAP action, inaction or reliance on that deception; depriving CAP of something of
value; securing from CAP a benefit, privilege, or consideration to which the party is not entitled. 
b. Waste is the extravagant, careless, or needless expenditure of CAP funds or consumption of CAP property that results from deficient practices, system controls, or decisions.
c. Abuse is the intentional, wrongful, or improper use of CAP resources such as the misuse of rank, position, or authority that causes the loss or misuse of resources such as tools, vehicles, computers, copy machines, etc.
d. Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Hotline: 1-877-227-9142, select option #4 Fraud, Waste, & Abuse e-mail:

7. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Arkansas Wing Inspector General Program please feel free to reach out to the ARWG/IG at, or by phone at (210)-269-4662.

Inspector General


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