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2020 Wing Conference - General Session Awards

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Achievement Awards

Maj J Phippen

Cap J. Podgurski

MSgt G. Podgurski

C/Maj N. Sowerbutts 

C/Capt S. Robinson

C/Capt E. Wittig

C/2dLt Shannon Rogers

C/2dLt Stephen Rogers

Commanders Commendations

Lt Col M. Kempa

Maj M. Hudson

A. Scott Crossfield Award

Maj G. St. Pierre

Quality Cadet Unit Awards

42nd Composite Squadron (No Photo)

83rd Composite Squadron (No Photo)

102nd Composite Squadron (No Photo)

115th Composite Squadron (No Photo)

Squadron Aerospace Education Achievement Awards

83rd Composite Squadron

99th Composite Squadron

Frank G. Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award (Organization)

Charleston Middle School 

Frank G. Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award (Individual)

Capt J. Podgurski

Commander's Award for Excellence in Flight Training

Capt L. Oakley

Communicator of the Year

Lt Col C. Bishop (No Photo)


Maj C. Rine to Lt Col

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