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Aerospace / STEM Resources for Home Education

March 25, 2020

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Millions of parents and guardians have suddenly become the only in-person educators their youth see daily. COVID-19 has halted on-site school and youth meetings around the country. Many adults have renewed appreciation for all that cadet leaders and educators do for their children and their families.

CAP's Aerospace Education team will provide information and tools to help you keep your cadets and students engaged in aviation/space/cyber lessons and activities. Many resources are already available on our website and social media platforms, and we will be providing more. A new CAP/AE webpage has been launched to reflect Aerospace/STEM Resources for Home Education, which will be updated regularly as new sites are located.

For now, you can help by sharing lessons and educational content on your social media platforms and tagging @CAPaerospace (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We have seen some of you sharing already. Our CAP AE community is a great resource with a wealth of knowledge to share.

Aerospace / STEM Resources for Home Education

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