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Find more specific information about the Arkansas Aerospace Education Department here... 

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Aerospace / STEM Resources for Home Education

Civil Air Patrol "Walks" to Mars


AEM Information: 

During COVID-19, look at Aerospace / STEM Resources for Home Education for remote training resources

Get your Arkansas Educator Information sheet

Arkansas-specific AEM application form (Updated Oct 2019)

AEM Free Renewal Form

Arkansas Squadron Locations (Updated July 2019)

Arkansas Squadron Primary Areas of Operation for AEM's (Updated OCT 2019)

AEM Teacher Orientation Program (TOP) Flight Request Form

Arkansas Wing Aerospace Education Grant Information:

Instructions for Arkansas Wing AE Grant Applications

Arkansas Wing Grant Application Form

About the Aerospace Education Program:

Civil Air Patrol Aerospace/STEM Education Programs bring over 40 free fun and engaging products and programs to our members and to classrooms throughout the nation. We serve adults and youth in pre-K through 12th grades. 



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